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I can fully appreciate and agree with the following opinion from this post “How about investing 12,000 dollars a year, a payback time of nine months and annual savings of 17,000 dollars? Unrealistic? No, this is the result of energy saving measures in the large and energy-intensive Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, India. The hospital simply upgraded the old air-conditioning system that used to comprise 60 percent of the hospital’s energy usage.

The Mumbai hospital is highlighted in a new report from World Resources Institute (WRC). It has analyzed the investment potential of energy service companies in India – the so-called ESCOs. Lilavati Hospital is not unique. If anything, it is very typical of the energy saving measures that are possible and necessary in India.”

Just imagine. Just one change in the system ( OK, it does require a lot of money to replace all ACs, but the payback period is rather quick, so that capex shouldn’t hurt a lot)

How many more such opportunities exist all around us!

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