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Now, this is certainly not bad. India has about 10,000 MW installed capacity for wind energy. This is more than 5% of India’s total installed capacity of about 150000 MW (2006 data).

Installed capacity apart, how much of India’s electricity is supplied by wind? Funnily, it appears that it is negligible (or at least I’m not able to get any reliable estimates).

The following was the best data I found on this topic: (Source: IBEF)

“India’s total installed capacity of electricity generation has expanded from 105,045.96 MW at the end of 2001–02 to 145,554.97 MW at the end of September 2008. In fact, India ranks sixth globally in terms of total electricity generation.

Source-wise, thermal power plants account for an overwhelming 64.6 per cent of the total installed capacity, producing 92,892.64 MW of electricity. Within this group, coal, gas and oil-based thermal power plants account for 53.3 per cent, 10.5 per cent and 0.9 per cent, respectively.

Hydel power plants come next with an installed capacity of 36,347.76 MW, accounting for 24.7 per cent of the total installed electricity generation capacity.

Simultaneously, the total transmission lines network has been growing at a robust pace to expand the transmission network. Total transmission lines have increased from 150,642 circuit km (ckm) at the end of 2001–02 to 198,089 ckm at the end of 2006–07 and are further expected to expand to 293,372 ckm at the end of March 2012.

Besides thermal and hydel power, renewable energy sources contribute 7.7 per cent to the total power generation in the country producing 12,194.57 MW of electricity.”

OK, it says total renewable = 7.7%, wonder how much of that is wind

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