India Looking at 9.3% Energy Shortage in 2009-10 - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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India will continue to face both energy and peak shortages in 2009-10. The country will face energy shortage of 9.3% and peak shortage of 12.6%. The eastern region would be surplus in energy to the extent of 2.4%.

According to Load Generation Balance Report for 2009-10 released by Central Electricity Authority, “The eastern region will be surplus in energy to the extent of 2.4%. All other regions will face energy shortage varying from 7.7% in the northern region to 15.2% in the western region. The peak shortage will prevail in all regions varying from 6.3% in the eastern region to 15. 5% in the northern region.’

According to CEA, the energy requirement is estimated at 8,40,544 million units(mu) and peak demand at 1,18,794 mw in 2009-10 while the availability will be 7,62,115 mu (-9.3%) and 1,03,816 mw (-12.6%)respectively.


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