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India’s Energy Security: Edited by Ligia Noronha and Anant Sudarshan; Routledge, 912-915 Tolstoy House, 15-17 Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi-110001.

A nice review of the book here at The Hindu

Excerpts from the review:

1. This book is divided into four parts: understanding India’s energy security concerns; the global context — trade and geopolitics; energy consumption and technology choices; and nuclear energy for India — the debate.

2. The chapters give succinct assessments. However, in the end, it leaves the reader dissatisfied because no solution is offered to the conundrum of necessary economic growth, consequent carbon emissions, resulting in climate change, and the lack of viable alternatives to burning coal.

3. The book does highlight the dilemma of a developing country whose rural poor have to burn wood, dry leaves, etc. for meeting their energy needs and cannot afford commercial energy. But it has no suggestions to offer on how the situation can be changed.

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