Frost says India produces 184 MToe of oil + natural gas; I say 75MToe - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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New analysis from Frost & Sullivan (, Strategic Analysis of Oil and Gas Sector in India, finds that the output of the Indian oil and gas sector was 184.3 million tonnes oil equivalent in 2008 and expects this to reach 339.6 million tonnes oil equivalent in 2015.

Given that India does not produce too much oil (imports over 75% of its total requirements of about 120 MT per year), this should mean that natural gas production accounted for about 150 MT oil equivalent (184-0.25*120). Hang on, let me get my calculator. OK, here’s the stats – India produces about 1 tcf of natural gas per year. Using some data for energy density for natural gas and doing a bit of math, one gets that India is producing about 40 MToe of natural gas per year. So, well I’m not sure how Frost got their numbers. To me, it appears that the total oil and natural gas produced in India currently is about 75 MToe.

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