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After reaching a peak growth of 1742 MW during 2006-07, the annual capacity additions of wind power in India have been declining in the last two years, K Kastoorirangaian, newly elected Chairman of Indian Wind Power Association said.

Interesting. This got to make us concerned, especially when the ambitious renewable energy plans for India to a significant extent rest on the success of wind energy capacity addition.

The installed capacity of wind power increased by 1499.6 MW during 2008-09, as against 1663.3 mw during 2007-08, pushing the country to the fifth place in the world in terms of installed capacity, according to Mr. Kastoorirangaian.

What is the likely reason? Unattractive tariffs offered for wind energy, and the rising cost of wind turbines in the recent past, according to the official, and I believe him on this. (The cost of wind electric generators last year witnessed some sharp increases indeed)

While cost increases in wind turbines may be way beyond the Indian govt’s control (or perhaps not!), I’m sure they can do something to make the feed-in tariffs more attractive.

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