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Oilex Australia, the operator of the Cambay basin block, is leaving no stone unturned to optimize productivity in the Gujarat acreage. Oilex sources have revealed that a 30-year old well, the Cambay-57, was recently re-entered to evaluate the Miocene Basal Sands (MBS). Small amounts of oil, along with formation water, was recovered after the MBS was perforated in Cambay-57. The well is now being evaluated at the moment, the sources have added.

In the meantime Oilex is also planning to add another well, the Cambay-75 to the current production stream. The well has an estimated 5-15 million barrels of oil in place potential resource.

Oilex wants to continue the success story of the nearby Cambay-64 and Cambay-74 wells, which are already producing in the block. The operator has long term plans to maintain a production target of 3,000 BOPD in the potential field by the end of 2009.

The operator is already producing from two of its oil wells, Cambay-64 and Cambay-74, in the block.


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