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India is not new to winning Ashden Awards. So, it is with pride I read two finalists this time from our country.

1. Saran Renewable Energy Private Limited in Bihar, has installed a new gasification system that generates electric power for 11 hours a day using locally-sourced biomass, providing a popular, sustainable, and cheap alternative to an unreliable grid supply. The 220 MW of electricity produced in a year is currently sold to 10 businesses! 220 MW is not a small amount, so kudos!

2. Groupe Energies Renouvelable Environnement et Solidarites (GERES), works with local groups in Ladakh to help farmers grow fresh vegetables year-round in simple passive solar greenhouses. The result is the availability of spinach, coriander, onions, garlic and strawberries in the markets of Leh even when the temperature is well below freezing point. Cool!

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Update: Both GERES and Saran Renewables have won prizes at the Ashden Awards.

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