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Biomass Energy for Rural India (BERI) project, sponsored by GEF-UNDP, ICEF, Government of India and Karnataka state government, is being implemented to demonstrate the local objective of decentralized renewable energy production technology to augment the rural energy needs in a sustainable way.

The project aims at developing and implementing a bio-energy technology package to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and to promote a sustainable and participatory approach in meeting rural energy needs. The project is being implemented in a cluster of about 24 villages of Tumkur district in Karnataka State of India. The project goals will be achieved through

(i) Demonstration of technical feasibility and financial viability of bio-energy technologies on a significant scale;
(ii) Building capacity and development of appropriate mechanisms for
implementation, management and monitoring of the project;
(iii) Developing financial, institutional and market strategies to overcome the identified barriers for large scale replication of the bio-energy package for decentralized applications; and,
(iv) Dissemination of the bio-energy technology and information package on a large scale.

The project is being implemented in a cluster of twenty-four villages in nine village panchayats covering 5 talukas in Tumkur district of Karnataka State in India.

On reading more from the site, one of the key areas the project co-ordinators are working is using biomass gasification technology for generating electricity.

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