Problems Faced by Wind Energy Developers in Constructing and Erecting Towers in Remote Sites. - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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India is fifth largest in global wind power market, and has more potential to grow in future. But Indian infrastructure appears to be a bottleneck for the growth. Wind power developers are faced with challenges in erecting the turbines in the remote areas.

They face problems in transporting turbines through narrow, crowded roads to ill-equipped, hilly sites. Sometimes they themselves build roads to transport the equipments to the remote places. In addition, in India it is illegal to transport large elements such as turbine blades by truck, so it becomes necessary to “go around” the rules by transporting equipment at night. Getting skilled manpower for constructing towers in remote areas is also challenging.

Besides providing incentives and tax holidays, government should also help or support developers in tackling these problems if we need to be the top country in wind power.


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