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It is already known that the Thar Desert could be the country’s hub of solar and wind energy. The desert will also be the country’s hub of oil and natural gas. The place is identified to be rich in deposits of oil, gas, lignite coal, coal bed methane.

With this new source of energy and additional fuel supply by Cairn, Indian oil and gas industry, the state alone will meet 25 % of the total crude oil requirement of the country.

Many companies are in queue for establishing their energy projects in the region and after lignite-based power projects and wind energy, a number of solar power units would dot the desert landscape.

To date, through its 69% owned and Indian listed company Cairn India, it has spent $ 860 million and along with its partner, the Indian state oil company ONGC it will spend a further $2 billion developing more than 25 discoveries made in the Thar Desert.

With union government’s approval for imposing surface rent, the desert would be a major revenue owner to the state. In additions, Cairn project will create over Rs 5,500 crore of earning through annual royalty to the Rajasthan government. The state government would also be paid royalty for the usage of the pipeline amounting to Rs 4 crore per day. It will also create considerable earning for the Union government that has 50% profit share in the project.

Source: Times of India

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