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Chennai based Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C- WET) estimated the gross wind power potential in Orissa to be 1700 Mw, out of which about 800 Mw power generations is technically feasible and it has so far identified sites with 255 Mw potential.

In this backdrop, the Orissa government is exploring new locations including coastal areas like Chandbali and Gopalpur for setting up of wind power projects in the state. For the moment, the government has started wind resource management project in eight locations. They are Damanjodi north, Nawarangpur, Brahmagiri, Dhamara, Chhatrapur , Paradeep and Chandipur.

This potential may attract private investors and the Union ministry of non-renewable energy (MNRE) is extending financial support for such effort and is providing assistance to the tune of Rs 3.9 crores for a 2 Mw demonstration unit.

While demonstration wind power projects have been started in states like Andhra pradesh, Gujrat, Tamilnadu, Maharastra, Kerala, Rajasthan, the state of Orissa is lagging in this regard.

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