KSK Surya Photovolatic Buys Tools From Applied Materials - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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KSK Surya Photovolatic Venture has signed a deal to buy factory equipment from Santa Clara, Calif.-based Applied Materials for making amorphous silicon solar panels.

KSK is investing $500 million to buy land and build the factory in Hyderabad. The factory would have the capacity to produce 150 megawatts of solar panels per year, the company said.

Moser Baer also has purchased tools from Applied, and announced the start of commercial production from a 40-megawatt line earlier this year.

The newcomer will be using the equipment to make tandem junction panels that feature a layer of amorphous silicon and a layer of microcrystalline silicon.

KSK said it settled on amorphous-silicon/microcrystalline.


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