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Even while Karnataka grapples to meet the energy demands of the state, there are some who have chosen to meet their energy needs from renewable sources, thus setting an example for others to emulate.

One such role model is ‘Belaku’, a unique house at Chandra Layout which incorporates many ecofriendly and energy efficient devices like solar water heater, light-emitting diode luminaries, solar cooker, distillation water plant and hybrid power plant for its electricity needs.

Energy Minister K S Eshwarappa on Monday inaugurated ‘Belaku,’ belonging to K L H Raya, chief executive officer of Deepa Solar Lighting Systems.

Raya says: “Our house is completely self-sufficient with regard to its electrical needs. A hybrid power plant, which is a combination of solar and wind energy, generates 1.8 KW every day and supplies electricity to the entire building.

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