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The plants will use feedstocks from grass species beema bamboo and tree species marjestica Florida, US-based clean energy company Clenergen is making India greener.

Clenergen’s Chennai, India-based subsidiary has closed terms to acquire a 1.5 MW biomass power plant in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu.

One of India’s national demonstration projects, the plant is expected to be operational before the end of the year. The plant was stopped in 2007 because of operational cash flow constraints and its failure to remain profitable at a low tariff rate.

Clenergen is also planning to install two new biomass power projects: a 16 MW plant in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, and a 64 MW plant in Karnataka. The Tuticorin plant is expected to be operating by the end of 2010.

The total projected cost of the new plants is $236 million.

Clenergen uses an efficient power generation system using gasification technology/gas turbines generators and power generation through pyrolysis/steam turbine generators.


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