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Two days national seminar on Food Security and Sustainability in India organized by GAD Institute of Development Studies, Amritsar concluded recently.

The seminar was sponsored jointly by CSIR, ICAR, ICSSR and NABARD. Dr. Sunitha Raju Chairperson, International Collaboration and Capacity Development of Indian institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi inaugurated the seminar and stressed that the number of people who are described hungry are increasing day by day which is the main problem not only in developing countries but also it is becoming a Global problem.

The inferences from the seminar: Sustainability of the nations depends upon evolving high yielding varieties of cereals only but also that of livestock, fishery etc. Though India has sufficient food grain production of agricultural commodities particularly foodgrains but constant efforts are required for their proper storage and presentation which is neglected part on India’s food front. Stress should be given to maintain the soil fertility and not the growth of the plants. The seminar concluded that India has sufficient food to meet the needs of the population but not the greed if it, the idea emphasis by Mahatma Gandhi.


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