Kozhikode Gets New Biogas Plant to Process Garbage - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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A biogas plant with a capacity to process nearly 2,000 kg of garbage daily was inaugurated at the Central market by Mayor M. Bhaskaran on Saturday. The plant can produce 75 metre cube of biogas daily.

The commissioning of the “Ecosan” biogas plant was yet another significant step towards Kozhikode Corporation’s aim to decentralise garbage disposal system, the Mayor said.

The plant, built at a cost of Rs.27.6 lakh under the People’s Plan 2008-2009, would be maintained by the government-owned Kerala Agro Industries Corporation for three years. It was set up by Kerala Agro Industries Corporation.

When the plant is fully operational, hotels in the neighbourhood can buy the biogas, for cooking purposes, at a nominal cost, according to Indian news agency, The Hindu. It will also be used to light up the market. Two other biogas plants are also being set up under the programme to decentralise garbage disposal system.


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