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India’s PV plans are ramping up noticeably and seem likely to prosper.

The latest move is KSK Surya’s commitment to purchase two SunFab amorphous silicon thin-film lines from Applied Materials (and a five-year service contract) for its planned facility in Hyderabad’s “Fab City,” with estimated total project cost (including land and buildings) of $500M. At full capacity, the site will ramp to 150MW–India’s largest solar PV factory.

Anil Kutty, managing director of KSK Surya Photovoltaic Venture, noted in a statement that “thin film silicon is the best solar module technology for conditions on the ground in India,” capable of producing more power at high ambient temperatures and under diffused light than crystalline silicon technologies.

Many solar deals are heating up the India market. Solar Semiconductor recently inaugurated the first phase of its PV manufacturing facility, also in Fab City, with multiyear contracts in hand from Q-Cells and Bosch Solar Energy (mono- and multicrystalline cells). And Tata BP Solar and North Delhi Power plan to set up plants in Delhi, including rooftop installations, with goals of up to 1MW capacity.


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