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A report written by researchers from the Universities of Surrey and Edinburgh looking at the prospects for CCS technology in India has been released.

The report, commissioned by Christian Aid, examines whether CCS could be a suitable technology for cutting down India’s carbon dioxide emissions. Drawing on a survey of energy experts with particular knowledge of India, it also explores how CCS might be developed and deployed in the Indian context.

Professor Matt Leach, Director of the Centre for Environmental Strategy at the University of Surrey, said that the study shows that CCS could play a vital role in future action to reduce Indian greenhouse gas emissions within a portfolio of measures that could be implemented internationally.

India is currently building a fleet of Ultra Mega Power Plants (UMPPs) that will use significant volumes of coal to make electricity for several decades. They will not use CCS when they start-up in the next few years. Having the option to fit CCS to these plants later in their lives could, however, make a significant contribution within an international context for reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the future.

The report, therefore, suggests that India could be given appropriate support to ensure that these plants are built ‘carbon capture ready’. This should ensure that CCS technology could be installed in the future.

Full report from here

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