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If you are afraid because your tap has been running dry lately, then it is time you braced yourself for worse times to follow. Terrifying times, in fact.

By the year 2020, says a recent World Bank report, most major Indian cities will run dry.

Severe water shortage had already led to a growing number of conflicts across the country, with 90 per cent of India’s territory served by inter-state rivers.

India’s supply of water too is rapidly dwindling primarily due to mismanagement of water resources, although over-pumping and pollution are also significant contributors.

Climate change is expected to worsen the situation by causing erratic and unpredictable weather, which could drastically diminish the supply of water coming from rainfall and glaciers.

Well, let me put it this way – I am not a subscriber to doomsday predictions, but in the case of water, there are too many things I (and I am sure, you too) see right with my eyes that this is one prediction I’m afraid could come true.

Let’s hope I’m wrong.

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