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A clutch of tiny Indian start-ups are proving that global warming’s business opportunities will not be the exclusive preserve of the developed nations.

EnNatura of Dehli has developed washable, bio-degradable printing ink from vegetable oil.

Solar-based LED lighting start-up Pegasus Semiconductor of Rajasthan makes off-grid home and street lighting systems using LED lights and solar for the power. It has done about 1,200 installations in Rajasthan.

Aura Herbal Wear makes textiles using organic cotton and processes it using only herbal dyes.

These green companies have caught the fancy of VCs. EnNatura has already been funded by a group of mentors, Navam Capital, and the government. Aura Herbal Wear has been funded by Gujarat Venture Fund Ltd.

India has already seen 49 investments in the cleantech space over the last three years.


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