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As a renewable energy enthusiast in India, you would have surely felt the need for an online platform where you can meet and interact with hundreds of others like you.

Welcome to the EAI Club.

It’s been over a year and half since we started the new EAI web site and since then we have received tremendous feedback from the site visitors as well as members of this newsletter. While the themes of the feedback were diverse, one important theme that stood out was the need for an interactive platform for renewable energy in India to connect with others.

The EAI team had been toying with various ideas to create such a network, and finally in Feb 2010, we decided to create an online platform on lines similar to many professional networking platforms. Thus was born the EAI Club. It took our tech team a month to finetune the entire platform.

We launched the EAI Club a couple of days back.

I thought I’d let you know about it and invite you to be a part of this exciting club. Over the next few weeks, we expect hundreds of renewable energy professionals, researchers, investors and entrepreneurs to join this club. We have provided numerous tools through which productive interactions between members become possible – blog, chat, personal messaging and more. With your inputs and feedback, we plan to build more tools into the platform soon.

I am confident that the EAI Club can be a key catalyst for the Indian renewable energy industry by bringing together diverse stakeholders on one platform and providing them the ability to have productive and enriching interactions.

Individuals and businesses can benefit from information exchange, professional contacts and by using the club as a medium to promote their renewable energy business.

I look forward to seeing you at the EAI Club soon.

I also request you to pass on the information about the Club to your friends who are interested in renewable energy.

Have a nice day!

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