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Oh, well, we finally did have the decontrol of the petrol and other fossil fuel prices. Economics experts have almost unanimously lauded it saying it is a step in the right direction.

Well, it is going to be a bit of discomfort – with prices of petrol and diesel rising by about 2-4 Rs a liter – but not something many of the middle and upper middle classes are going to lose sleep about.

kerosene prices going up is not exactly going to be easily digested by the poorer sections of the society, but then, economists will say this is a price we got to pay for being market oriented.

I think it helps that crude prices are on the lower side (65-70$ per barrel). Wonder if the government will stick to “let the market decide” philosophy if the crude price tops $ 100 / bbl, which it is supposed to within the next few months.

But then, show me one government which had thought a year ahead, and I will show you a progressive nation.

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