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Was doing some lazy browsing on the various web resources for renewable energy in India. The following were some of the interesting stuff I came across. Hope you find them interesting too.


India’s Energy Security – by Anant Sudarshan – explores the multifaceted aspects of Indias energy security concerns. It looks at the political calculus of Indias energy choices, geopolitical, security and trade issues, Indias energy problems in the wider Asian context and consumption and climate related challenges – Amazon Link

India’s Energy: Essays on Sustainable Development – Critical essays on India’s energy problems, with particular attention to ecological and development issues. Several specialists focus on comparative issues, but primarily a set of case studies, often in tribal areas – Amazon Link

China, India and the United States: Competition for Energy Resources by  Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research – What are the international implications of this triangular race for energy supplies? How will oil geopolitics and energy security considerations shape the foreign policies of these three global players? How can the Gulf countries respond to the energy needs of while performing a delicate balancing act in this critical supply scenario? This volume offers global, regional and country perspectives from energy experts on the international race for energy resources and its wider economic and political ramifications. Barnes & Noble Link


Solar Energy in India – YouTube

Energy Efficiency in India: Challenges and Initiatives – a lecture by Ajay Mathur, Director of Bureau of Energy Efficiency – YouTube

Jatropha Grown at the Bio-Energy Plantations – YouTube

Biodiesel Center for Improving Rural Energy Access to India – YouTube

India’s Energy: Essays on Sustainable Development

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