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Tata BP Solar, a 51 : 49 joint venture of BP Solar and Tata Power, announced that it has added a new production line of 32 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells at its plant in Bangalore. With the addition of the plant, the total cell manufacturing capacity of the company is now 84 Mw, with a module capacity of 125 Mw. The company had initiated this expansion through a $100 million investment during 2008.

Tata manufactures low-cost crystalline silicon cells and solar modules used to generate electricity from sunlight. Tata BP solar cells and modules are integrated into solar products like home lighting systems, street lights and telecommunication towers, or connected to the electricity grid to export the power generated directly from solar plants on rooftops or in the open fields.

BP Solar CEO Reyad Fezzani, speaking on the occasion, said, “Tata BP Solar has had profitable growth over the last 20 years. Global demand for solar is expected to grow over 80 per cent in 2010, and in India it is likely to grow five-fold to 150 Mw. In the longer term, the Indian market is poised to become a world-scale market by 2022 stimulated by the supportive policies announced by the Government of India.”

Tata BP is understood to have reported a topline of Rs 1,000 crore for 2009-10, with nearly 70 per cent coming from exports. The company is understood to be gearing for more domestic consumption in the years ahead.

The MD, Prasad Menon, said: “The key to growing the mass market is cost reduction which will not happen without achieving large-scale supply. This development assures supply to meet new opportunities coming up in India.”

Tata BP Solar CEO Subramanya said: “After more than two decades of growing the Indian market in the off-grid mode, Tata BP Solar is ready with the additional cells capacity to service the new market opening up in India in the context of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.”

The mission targets the generation of 20,000 Mw of solar power by 2022 and another 2,000 Mw of off-grid solar installations.

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