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The universe is approximately 13 billion years old. Compared to that our (mankind’s) time on earth is just a speck on the cosmic timeline. Inspite of that we have wreaked havoc on the only planet capable of sustaining life. All other problems fade into oblivion in the face of these issues. In this dire situation, our only hope is clean, renewable energy.

Energize is an attempt to address the biggest environmental challenges the earth faces today. The main aim is to develop products or methods to harness the largely untapped Ocean and Geothermal Energies. However, do not restrict yourselves. Innovations are also invited in any other form of renewable/clean energy or improvement in existing products and methods.

We know that the solutions are there. We all have the power to change, so what are we waiting for?

Prizes worth INR 1,00,000 to be won.

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Last date of abstract submission extended to 2nd September.

Download problem statement from here

More info from the Energize web site

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