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I met an interesting lady – Isabelle – at the Renewable Energy Conference held in Chennai last week. Isabelle is Austrian and she is working in Chennai for a green media company. She is the editor of the magazine Inspired to be Green . An Austrian working in Chennai  for a magazine with an inspirational name was an exotic enough combination for me. I had to spend some time with her, which I did.
Now, to add to the exoticness (or is it exoticism? ), her company is also planning to run a Zero Energy Truck all across India. The idea behind the ZET is to showcase how the importance of green buildings – essentially the inside of the truck tries to simulate a net zero energy building, through the use of renewable and green energy sources.
Most parts of the ZET already has sponsors. Isabelle is looking for sponsors for the solar PV system to be installed for the truck. If your company is interested in being a sponsor and getting some green mileage, here’s how you contact Isabelle –
Some more details of ZET:
The concept
A Net Zero building which is energy efficient as well as generates all it’s power needs with PV panels on the rooftop – A Green Building par excellence. The growth of Green Building materials and products has been very encouraging, but awareness needs to improve within the design & construction community. Since most of the green building materials and strategies are different from conventional construction practices it needs efforts to educate people and make them realize that green practices can be incorporated in every building.

Reaching out to 250,000 people in 2010
We believe in a holistic approach to education, where industry stakeholders can understand the concepts through “hands – on” approach and would be able to see “sustainability” in action. Showcasing a building which actually works without grid connection will inspire people. Visitors will get more confident about using/applying green products and strategies. The concept is exhibited at the Indian Green Building Congress 2010, Chennai from 6th-9th October (Asias largest Green Building Conference), ET ACEtech, Mumbai,  ET ACEtech, Delhi (Asias largest Construction related Exhibition).

Leading companies in the construction segment have taken up sponsorships for this concept and we are looking for a company who wants to take up the solar system.

And now, some pics for you

Inside the Truck - View 1

View of the Truck - 1

View of the Truck - 2

Inside of the Truck - 2

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