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A hybrid remote power system combines two energy sources; the sun and a diesel generator (genset), and uses intelligent controls to manage the system operation. PV Hybrid systems generally use diesel generating set (genset)-capable of providing full rated power on demand as the second energy source. Beneficial in terms of improved reliability, energy services, operational life and energy efficiency, the hybrid system has brought forth the highest form of perfection in electricity generation.

The system is efficient is that it reduces the downtime during maintenance or repairs, ensuring that the components are used efficiently. For instance, in the daytime, the solar modules will generate energy in the form of direct current (DC), and is stored in the battery or used directly by converting it to AC with the use of an inverter. This ensures that during night time, the solar modules do not generate energy, and makes use of the DC from the battery.

Due to this alternate operation, the overall system has prolonged life as the discharge level of the battery is kept optimum. The hybrid system’s environmental-friendly technology ensures the diesel generator is not used continuously, which makes the whole operation much quieter.

The first installation may take up a high cost, but the maintenance cost afterwards is very low, due to the system’s self preservation mechanism. In addition, fuel consumption of the genset is saved because the captive solar photovoltaic (PV) modules support the base electricity load while the genset provides additional energy should there be a sudden peak in the energy demand.

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