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The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy(MNRE) has revised the benchmark cost of the solar PV system and the capital subsidy w.e.f 2011. At present(2010-11), the benchmark cost is Rs. 300/Wp(with battery) and Rs. 210/Wp(without battery) for solar PV off-grid and decentralised applications and the subsidy limit is Rs. 90/Wp(with battery) and Rs. 70/Wp(withough battery).

Under the revised guidelines, there is about 10% reduction in these numbers. From April 1, 2011, the benchmark cost will be Rs. 270/Wp(with battery) and 190/Wp(without battery). The corresponding reduced capital subsidy will be Rs. 81/Wp(with battery) and Rs. 57/Wp(without battery) in general areas.

In Special category states/North East states, the subsidy will be limited to Rs.243/Wp(with battery) and Rs. 171/Wp(without battery). This represents a 90% capital subsidy from the benchmark cost.

The revised guideline is available here.


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