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Biomass based power generation is a choice of reality under the geographical regions where a sustainability exists in the flow of biologically raw materials for the production of power and India is one of the most notable universal giants for the production of biomass based power which can be best understood from the estimates of its biomass availability and the power produced from it. India has biomass production of 546 million tonnes per year from the agricultural sources alone to generate electricity at a capacity of 17,982 MW and its overall production of power from renewable sources stands at 34961 MWe in 2010.A calculated annual growth rate for the next decade realistically and optimistically is above 42,000 MWe and 48640 MWe respectively.

The development of biomass based power is further enhanced by the Government regulatory policies by declaring duty exemptions’, tax breaks and financial incentives etc. The cost of producing electricity from biomass is affordable at Rs: 2.25-3.25 / kWh. In spite of all these attempts biomass based power generation is at its infant stage because of hindering factors such as feedstock availability, transportation, price volatility etc.

India to emerge as a role model must utilize its renewable energy sources to a large extent, develop dedicated energy crops, establish end user market for co-products such as charcoal, biochar, activated carbon, and implement energy efficient technology for economically feasible power generation on a massive scale.

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