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The 3rd International Expo and Summit, Renewtech India 2011 took place at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai during the period 17-19 February 2011. The Expo had about 30 Exhibitors representing different stakeholders in the industry. There were players from the Solar PV component manufacturers( Yingli, Websol), Solar Thermal component manufacturers(Soltigua), Solar System Integrators(Belectric, Enfinity), Wind Turbine manufacturers(ReGen Powertech), Biomass based power generation equipment suppliers(Clarke Energy India), off-grid application providers(Jain Irrigation Pumps), Government agencies and associations(Maharashtra Energy Development Agency, Cogeneration Association of India) and media(Winmark Media, Energetic India), to name a few.

Some of the International Exhibitors included the following

  • Soltugua – Italy
  • Enso Industrial Solutions- Finland
  • Enfinity India – A subsidiary of the Belgium based Enfinity Solar
  • Yingli Green Energy Holding Company – China
  • Energetic India- Spain
  • BELECTRIC Photovoltaic India Pvt Limited – Indian subsidiary of BELECTRIC Germany

EAI was a media partner for the event.

The Conference

Even though there are a lot of conferences that are/were scheduled around the same time, unlike most of them which focused on one aspect of renewable energy (eg. Solar), the Renewtech India 2011 was different because it covered all aspects of renewable energy – from Solar to Geothermal. The theme of the conference was

“Cutting Edge Technologies for Speedy Development of Renewable Energy in India”

Day 1

The first day one had two major sessions – the first was the inaugural session and the second one focused on “Financing of Renewable energy Projects”. Some of the notable speakers during the inaugural session were H.E. Dr. Leopold-Theodor Heldman, Consul General of Germany, Mumbai and the Minister of State for Non-Conventional Energy of Maharashtra, Mr. D.P.Sawant.

The second session on financing of projects had speakers from different financial institutions and they spoke on the various aspects of renewable energy financing. The speakers included Mr. Sanjay Mandavkar, ED-Infrastructure Banking Group, YES Bank , Mr. Oskar Von Maltzan from KfW Bankengruppe,  Mr. Noam Ben-Ozer of Focal Advisory and Mr. Satish Kashyap of General Carbon.

The day ended with a Gala Networking Dinner.

Click here for the Day 2 details and here for the Day 3 details.

The final day of the event had 3 sessions. The first session was titled “Tidal & Geo-Thermal Energy”. The first speaker was Dr. Ritesh Arya, Hydrogeologist & Groundwater Consulting in Himalayas. He gave a very insightful speech on the topic “Geothermal potential in India – A Review”. He highlighted the fact that India has more than 10 GW potential in the Geothermal space. He made an interesting point that while Solar, Wind and other forms of energy are renewable energy but not sustainable energy whereas Geothermal energy is a sustainable energy. He described how the heat of the magma under the ground can be harnessed to generate steam for heating applications and power generation. He explained his experiences in Ladakh and the Himachal region where there are natural hot springs. He also talked about his experiences in Iceland where geothermal energy is available in abundance. In Iceland, the people even grow tropical fruits like banana in green houses heated by the geothermal energy.

The next speak of the session was by Prof. S. G. Kanitkar, Head-Green Energy Division, Enviro-Abrasion Resistance engineers Pvt. Ltd. His topic was “Tidal Wave energy”. He started off by describing the differences between the Tidal and Wave energy. The current scenario of harnessing these forms of energy were explained by him. He then provided the technological details about how the Wave energy can be harnessed. In particular, he provided the details of the device his team has developed.

The second session of the day focused on “Energy Efficiency”. The following were the speakers

1. Mr. Jens Burgtorf, Director – GIZ-IGEN, Bureau of Energy Efficiency

2. Mr. Martin Wohlmuth of Arqum GmbH – “Resource Efficiency Network India – A Field Report”

3. Mr. G. Gururaja of Avni Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd – “LED Technology: Its Role in Present Scenario for India’s Lighting Requirement”

4. Mr. Dinesh Shetty of Bureau Veritas Certification – BS/EN 16001:2009 – Energy Management Systems for Reduction of Energy Costs/Green House Gases Emission.

As can be seen from the topics of the presentations, the session focused on various aspects of Energy Efficiency.

“Quality and Certification of PV Solar Cells” was the title of the final session of the day. This session had two speakers – Mr. Srinivas Chakravarthy, Country Head – Industry Services, TUV Rheinland(India) and Ms. S. Vasanthi, Director – Technology and Marketing at Websol Energy Systems.

Mr. Chakravarthy of TUV Rheinland spoke about the module certification process in general and TUV Rheinland in particular. He explained the different standards for Performance, safety and quality??

He also mentioned about the new test facility in Bangalore…

The last speaker of the session was Ms. S. Vasanthi. Her topic was “ Improvement in Crystalline Si PV Modules Through Quality Control and Innovation in Manufacturing Processes”. She explained the various steps in the solar PV cell and module manufacturing process. She described the various quality control measures and some of the common defects like browning of cells.

That concluded the 3rd edition of the Renewtech India conference. The 4th Renewtech India conference is scheduled for 16-18 February 2012 at the same venue – Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregoan, Mumbai.

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