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India is at the leading front in the successful implementation of the biomass gasification technology. The society and science of India have well realized of its significance in ecology and economy.

The technological developments in gasification indigenously achieved throughout the nation by private firms, public-private collaborations and national institutes like IISc made a tremendous leap forward in the installations of gasifiers of variable capacities. It ranges from 1 kW and gradually increased to 1000 to 1500 kW.

Public institutions, educational bodies, governmental organizations, product manufacturing units, trading agencies etc operating from extreme corners have adopted gasification process to satisfy their energy demands. Some of the prominent members include Tezpur University-Assam (1kW), UNIDO-New Delhi (1kW), Central Instiute of Himalayan Culture Studies-Arunachal Pradesh (20kW), Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamilnadu (100kW), Hindustan pencils, Jammu (250kW) and BMC, Kuttam-Tamilnadu (1.5 MW).

According to sources, biomass gasification technology service is comprehensively provided by the firms to the installers in India and the notables include IISc, OVN, BETEL, Aruna and Arrya etc. Existence of such guidances strongly manipulates the technology and credibility among the mass to forward the sustainable energy generating process to next advanced levels and also to self-sufficiency in country’s energy demand.


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