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Biomass for power generation by combustion or gasification is normally variable in its chemical composition of electron rich reactants, ash content, moisture, sulphur and nitrogen content etc. As a result, selection of the most convenient feedstock is an issue of debate.

The degree and diversity of contaminants strongly influence the production and purification of synthesis gas in gasification while they tend to have a minimum effect in the combustion process. Independant of these disturbances virtually any raw material applied in power generation process should be a matter with potentials.

In India, a vast array of feed stocks are utilized for power generation but the most wide ones are farm and mill wastes, woody trees, energy plantations and other green manure crops. Preference is made on the basis of availability, cost, bulkiness of the material, pre-processing, storage etc. Biomass used in India yields varying level of energy but it is also the gas engine and generators whose efficiency equivalently determine power generation.

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