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Yuken India Limited, set up in 1976 under a technical and financial collaboration with Yuken Kogyo Company Limited, Japan, is a manufacturer of oil hydraulic equipment. Yuken has achieved one of the fastest growth rates in the Indian oil hydraulics industry, in the last 29 years.

Clenergen India Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Clenergen Corporation, plans to enter into a minimum 15 years Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Yuken to supply up to 2.5MW/h, with the rest of the electricity generated being completely sold out to the National Grid System. The biomass power plants with a capacity of 4 MW/h will be installed and begin operation within 10 months upon signing of the PPA.

Clenergen India plans to lease up to 800 acres of non arable land near the manufacturing site in order to grow a high yielding species of bamboo as a source of biomass for the gasification power plant. The bamboo produced is asexual, non-invasive, non-flowering plant with a lifespan of up to 50 years and above all, is a product of tissue culture.

This is advancement in the sector of renewable energy, in that the cost savings created from the cultivation of biomass feedstock will allow the supply of electricity at a price lower than the current market prices and will also help to extend the industries’ vertical market penetration into these market sectors. This is certainly moving forward. With ever increasing fossil fuel prices, this is the ideal way to deal with the growing needs and the economy.


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