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Several VCs/PEs/Companies have created funds which invest in clean technology or companies with partial clean technology operations, and have either invested, or are interested in investing in India. Some of these organizations and their investments are summarized as follows.

Company Energy/Cleantech Specific Fund Activity/Investment Shell Group through their Shell Foundation (invested directly or through other funds invested in Husk Power ($1.1M), while New Israel Fund, Dorot Foundation, Nathan Cummings Foundation, Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies through their Green Environment Fund invested in Greenko Group ($46.3M).

Chrys Capital directly and through ChyrsCapital V LLC (through subsidiary Van Dyck invested in Pratibha Industries Ltd (Rs. 50 Crore) and Suzlon Energy (Rs. 50 Crore). Barings Private Equity India Private limited through consortium of PEs invested in Auro Mira ($21 M) whose Investor share was not disclosed.

Additionally, Blackstone via their Blackstone Advisors India Private Ltd invested in Moser Baer ($300 M), 3i Group through their 3i India Infrastructure Fund   invested in GVK Power and Infrastructure (Rs. 800 Crore) in both conventional and renewable energy. Reliance through their Reliance India Power Fund invested in Su-Kam Power Systems (Rs. 45 Crores), Citi Group CVC International (PE) through Citi Group Venture Capital (VC) invested in Suzlon (Rs. 50 Crores).

The above was only the list of highlighted events. The list is actually very exhaustive. As the population increases, and there arises a demand for a more sustainable form of energy, a lot of investments have been made in this sector.


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