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I read about how a local private school is working with elementary schools and the Nevada Discovery Museum to teach children as young as preschoolers about solar energy. The Aleph Academy, a private Jewish preschool, has used a grant from NV Energy and the Department of Energy to install a solar panel array on its building, design an early childhood curriculum about solar power and develop an exhibit for the Discovery Museum, directors of the academy said…

Really interesting…why cannot we do this in at least some Indian schools, to make a start? To think that this could be done in government/corporation schools is of course being delusionary, but perhaps some private schools can start thinking about this?

Some of the stuff the Aleph Academy is doing in this regard:

The curriculum “…will feature a four-pronged display in which children must work together using solar, wind, geothermal and bicycle power to light up a model of the Reno arch.

It also will contain a realistic energy audit system that will allow children to weigh the costs of revamping a house’s energy input with renewable sources against the benefits of a smaller power bill…

The Aleph Academy’s pursuit of early-childhood solar education doesn’t end there, however. The school also is working to develop a renewable energy curriculum to teach its students and then expand to museums and schools around the country.”

Just imagine what a difference such an education at such an early stage could make to the kids and their future – both career and life!

When I dug a bit more into what collaborations the school had for this, discovered that this program was done with help of DRI, the environment research arm of the Nevada System of Higher Education. That’s quite an awesome research arm to have for a higher education system. I think there is a good opportunity for India’s higher education system to initiate such a practice too.  What do you think?

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