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Great Lakes Institute of Management presents Global Energy Executive MBA Program from Bauer College of Business, University of Houston USA at their India campus. Some salient features of this program are given below by the institute. The program is designed specifically for creating energy leaders of tomorrow.


  • This is an Executive MBA post-graduate degree program of the University Houston
  • Currently their highest ranked program (in top # 3 ranks in the U.S.)
  • The program is at the strategic level – “how to run an energy business of global scale successfully” – with emphasis on Implementation and Execution, both at Strategic and Tactical levels
  • Meant for your leadership talent – that are to be engaged in point 3 – entirely made of nominations by their employing corporation
  • The class of 35 participants max., to have 30 from india, and upto 5 from the region – middle east to south-east asia
  • The program to cover the energy portfolio spectrum of the region – in two broad tracks – Oil&Gas, and Power – across fossil fuels, renewable energies, power as a convergence of the various energy forms, the gamut of the support ecosystem from project finance to the energy infrastructure etc, and finally the umbrella aspect of the sustainable and responsible conduct of the energy businesses – green etc
  • To cover the value stream – from upstream to downstream – Across the energy production and delivery – to efficient, responsible and sustainable consumption businesses
  • Will include produces, service providers and consulting businesses – across the matrix
  • Will also endeavor to have some representation from the government – to bring in the inter-play of policy, economics and businesses
  • The program will be across 8 residencies – first 7 in great lakes, of 9 days each, and the last residency in the bauer college, U.S. for 2 weeks
  • Of the 7 regional residencies india, a few of them would be held in either Mumbai, or in Ahmedabad, or in Gurgaon, to provide the variety and access to the enterprises in the respective region.
  • The entire program will be delivered by the Bauer College chosen faculty
  • In the first year the program would cover all the common and generic areas, while the second year would be the year for specialization/advanced courses – into the respective sub-domains of the participants – to acquire depth
  • Will have an individual and hands-on year-long projectby two members, or an individual level dissertation on a Practice oriented topic – both with individual guides/Advisors from both Bauer and/or Indian executives/academics;
  • The admission process would require the nominated applications to go the Bauer College for the processing and admission formality
  • The latest e-brochure and the e-application packet can be downloaded from the link
  • The nominations have already been happening – one of the major public sector entities have nominated candidates at the level of general managers and DGMs and the largest private sector major will have the largest contingent perhaps
  • Typical participants from the public sector shall be senior managers – who would have both the bandwidth, leadership potential and significant service time still left
  • The inaugural class will start the first orientation residency at the great lakes campus at chennai – on the 27thof august 2011 for the Oil & Gas and related areas, and in mid-November 2011 for the Power & related areas participants– and the first full residency will commence on the 7thof January 2012
  • Last, and equally important, this same executive mba post graduate degree from univ of Houston that would presently cost a participant USD 63,500 in fees alone, plus the cost of travel and stay for the 8 residencies in U.S. (which should all add up to INR 40 lakh or so) is being made available for a fee of INR 12.6 for the two years, plus the cost of the 7+1 residencies (which should be another 5.5 lakh) totaling to about INR 18 lakh per participant – which is at about 40% of the investment, for the same/better program!!
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