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 Biomass gasification, with its capability to work in kW scales (as low as 20 kW) and its ability to utilize a wide and diverse range of biomass feedstock is ideally suited for rural areas without access to power but with easy access to significant amount of biomass. Discussed in this post are some of the prominent players in India which use biomass gasification for power production

 Summary of Prominent Independent Power Producers using Biomass Gasification in India

Company Location Plant Location(s) Cumulative Installations
Clenergen Corporation Chennai Tamil Nadu, Karnataka Cumulative capacity of 19.5 MW in operation and 20.5 MW under construction
Green Infra Delhi Orissa and Bihar The company is developing five biomass power projects with a cumulative capacity of 68 MW.
Greenko Group Bangalore Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh 41.5 MW from 6 biomass power plants
Husk Power Bihar Bihar HPS had 65 fully operational plants, and a further 10 under construction or starting operation. 48 plants are wholly owned and operated by HPS, and the other 17 run under some type of franchise or partnership. HPS’ plants have capacity of 35-100 kW each.
All Green energy Bengaluru Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Madhya Pradesh 10 biomass plants have been proposed to set up with a capacity of 6.5 MW each.

Details of Independent Power Producers in India Using Biomass Gasification


Clenergen Corporation headquartered at USA, is an independent biomass power producer using different technologies such as combustion, gasification, anaerobic digestion and co-generation.

Clenergen grows its own energy crops such as Beema bamboo, Melia dubia and Marjestica. Biomass feedstock is micropropagated in Clenergen’s own laboratories. The company has signed agreements with many research institutions for the improvement of its energy crops. Clenergen has tie ups with companies and research organizations in India for supply of elite lines of saplings. The firm will then raise the saplings under their licensed territories.

The company has biomass gasification plants with a cumulative capacity of 19.5 MW. In 2010, Clenergen entered into an agreement with Yuken India Limited (YIL), manufacturer of oil hydraulic equipment, located in Bangalore, Karnataka, to install a 4MW/h gasification biomass power plant.

All Green Energy

AllGreen Energy based at Bengaluru, India is one of the leading players in the Indian Biomass market. AllGreen Energy works on diverse areas such as building, owning, and operating renewable energy facilities that produce electricity, biomass supply chain, activated carbon production and cold storage facilities.

AllGreen Energy is said to adopt a holistic approach in handling the entire biomass chain by procuring biomass from multiple sources viz. biomass plantations, agricultural farms and post-harvest processing industries. AllGreen enters into mutually beneficial contracts with primary producers wherein the company provides professional harvesting and post-harvest services in exchange for rights over biomass.

The company has biomass gasification plants with an installed capacity of 6.5 MW. For biomass procurement, AllGreen Energy has entered into an MOU with ITC’s Agri Business Division. The MoU with ITC envisages the development of power plants by AllGreen Energy in areas where ITC has a strong foothold in supply chain activities through its e-Choupal network, plantation development and related activities.

Husk Power

Husk Power Systems (HPS) established in 2008 generates power from rice husk collected from the local villagers. HPS builds plants where there is local demand for electricity and a source of rice husk or other agricultural residues within 10 km. HPS is supported by a substantial grant-funding from the Shell Foundation, MNRE, Bamboo finance, Acumen fund and International Finance Corporation for R&D, strategy and training.

At the end of March 2011, HPS had 65 fully operational plants, and a further 10 plants are under construction. 48 plants are wholly owned and operated by HPS, and the other 17 run under some type of franchise or partnership. HPS has made a tremendous impact in the lives of rural people by supplying affordable electricity by adopting pay-for-use model.

Green Infra

Green Infra Limited was incorporated in the year 2008 with a focus on power production through clean energy sectors like solar, wind, hydro and biomass.  The company’s biggest business segment is wind energy. For biomass power production, the company has adopted both combustion and gasification. Green Infra is developing five biomass power projects with a cumulative capacity of 68 MW. The projects are located in Orissa and Bihar and are under development.

Greenko Group

Greenko Group has businesses in the renewable energy sectors like solar, wind, hydro, natural gas and biomass. The company uses feedstocks like rice and black gram husks, ground nut shells, saw dust, sal doc, topada pottu, bagasse and julieflora for power generation. The cumulative capacity of Greenko’s biomass power plants is 41.5 MW. Some of the prominent installations are:

  • 8 MW Ecofren power project in Chhattisgarh
  • 8 MW ISA power project in Chhattisgarh
  • 7.5 MW power project in Karnataka
  • 6 MW project in GEPL, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh
  • 6 MW project in Andhra Pradesh
  • 6 MW Roshini Power Project in Andhra Pradesh


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