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Tarun Kapoor, Joint Secy, MNRE was a prominent fixture at the Intersolar Mumbai 2011 edition. He appears to be getting quite quick into his role and also appears to have gathered a lot of inputs quickly enough.

Anyways, to the point of this post. I heard in one of his speeches that MNRE plans to introduce quality checking for all solar products. I think that this is indeed a nice idea. All the more so when things are happening at a hectic pace in the industry, and many MW of power are being installed without much of a benchmarking in place.

The key question of course is whether MNRE has the required expertise within itself for preparing such benchmarking procedures. While it might seem simple enough, panels and inverters could get rather complex if one starts getting into the micro details. Which is why I will be interested to know if India has expertise enough to prepare such quality benchmarks. Not that it is too much of a problem if we don’t – the Germans are always there to help us, and if one were to go by the number of German companies present at Intersolar, access to these experts should hardly be an issue!

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