GridWeek Asia's Smart Grid Summit Jan 16-18 Mumbai - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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Now, this appears to be a seminar on a topic not often discussed in the country.

We are all rather tired of the same stuff on solar and wind, so here’s something more exciting – smart grid.

I have my reservations on discussing about smart grid for a country where 70,000 villages don’t even have any grid (some posts on this 70000 villages with no grid theme – here and here), but as one of my team mates says, that is perhaps the reason why we should look at smart grid technology – the new grid lines we put up for these thousands of villages could straight leapfrog into being smart. He says perhaps I should start looking at the glass being half full instead of being half empty. Perhaps.

The government definitely seems to be thinking similar to my colleague – “Power Ministry to finalise Rs 500 cr smart grid pilot projects soon – The Power Ministry is likely to finalise about eight smart grid technologies-related projects on pilot basis worth nearly Rs 500 crore in two months,” says a recent news item. Such positive intentions will make the Smart Grid event an even more interesting one to attend.

Here’s the list of themes on which discussions will happen at the conference

  • Smart Grid Basics – Workshop
  • Transmission in a Smart Grid
  • Distribution and Smart Meters
  • Standards for Smart Grid
  • Smart Grid Pilot Projects
  • The New Smart Energy Paradigm
  • Policies & Regulatory

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