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Though the Delhi government has formulated a roof-top solar policy- under which consumer would set up solar panels on their roof-tops and feed extra power generated into the grid.

The fact that the scheme could be exploited on various grounds, a concern even expressed by the Government officials has put development in this area in a limbo. Some of the physical issues are summarized below:

  • The foremost among issues with grid-tied roof-top solar is producing/sourcing power through cheaper means (through diesel gensets/biogas/re-routing grid power back to the grid etc) and feeding it to the grid at higher rates.
  • This is particularly important since the price differential between power produced from Solar and the grid is enormous at this point in time.
  • Power distribution lines and home wiring were designed for electricity to flow from power stations to appliances, but households with solar panels do the reverse of this. This can lead to voltage levels which can rise and can damage appliances connected to this grid.
  • Areas with a lot of solar panels can push the voltage up to the maximum allowable level, triggering shutdowns in the individual systems and taking the load off the grid.
  • Size of conductors and cables in the streets would have to be upgraded so it can handle lots of solar generated power, versus times when there’s lots of load and no solar.
  • Typical solar panels will last for 30 years or more while the roofs should be maintenance free for that period. So roof augmentation prior to solar installation might be necessary which can lead to additional costs.





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