Amit Kansal, MD of Vestas India Commits to Participate in Wind Development Forum - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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You don’t hear a lot in India about the world’s leading wind turbine maker, Vestas. It is pretty much Suzlon, Gamesa and ReGen Power in India today, and perhaps some of Enercon. The participation of Vestas in many of the forums and events has been relatively lower as well, compared to the other leaders.

But make no mistake. Vestas is a force to reckon with still in the global arena, notwithstanding the fluctuating news of impending acquisition.

I reckon the company is re-strategising for growth in India, or at least that’s what some of my friends in the company, in marketing positions tell me. The company is keen to understand the Indian market and customers much better and arrive at a more appropriate positioning and segmenting strategy, according to them.

While we wait for more news in these contexts, the only news I could read about Vestas in the last few days was the fact that their relatively new Managing Director Amit Kansal is keen to take it to the next stage by committing to participate in the Wind Development Forum, 6-7 Sep 2012 at Delhi…OK, that’s not a news of great value, but that’s pretty much what I have for now about Vestas

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