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Does China ever think small?

South China’s Guangdong province will construct a 198 MW offshore wind farm this year and connect it to the grid in 2014, according to Guangdong Electric Power Development Co. Ltd.

198 MW might not sound large, but for offshore wind farms, it is fairly large…if I remember right, the total offshore wind installed capacity worldwide is less than 5 GW (5000 MW).

The project, located in the Guishan waters of Zhuhai city, will be the first offshore wind farm in the province. It will be constructed with a total investment of 4.45 billion yuan ($705 million), mainly from China Southern Power Grid Comprehensive Energy Co Ltd. and Guangdong Electric Power Development Co. Ltd.

Guangdong has one of China’s best environments for offshore wind farms. It boasts 75 gigawatts (GW) of exploitable offshore wind power resources in sea areas 30-50 meters deep.

And India is yet to start off the process to determine the potential of offshore wind.

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