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Will GBI (generation based incentives) for wind power stay, or wont they?

It is not just a million dollar question. At the rate at which Indian wind power is expected to grow (even factoring the dips we have seen this year), this could be a (almost) billion dollar question. Just imagine, by 2017, some 20,000 MW of wind, with each MW generating about 2 million units a year.  And now, consider about 50 paise per unit given as GBI…that would be aboout 20 billion rupees per year or about $0.5 billion in GBI alone (all right, that is an oversimplication…the total GBI amount is likely to be less than that for various reasons, but you get the idea).

The GBI was officially taken off earlier this year, but it appears that it will be restored soon. Or at least that is what the industry top shots think.

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