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A recent report says that the high-powered committee of the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) has decided to urge the State Electricity Regulatory Commission to allow realisation of higher power tariff from domestic consumers, who consume more than 150 units a month.

Tamil Nadu first, Kerala a close second.

And it does not just stop with higher tariffs. The number of power cuts will be higher as well!

“The committee has also recommended imposing a 30 per cent power cut on industrial and commercial consumers. The order of the regulatory commission in an earlier recommendation for tariff hike is likely to come out soon. The commission is mulling a 30 per cent hike along with fixed charge from all consumers to reduce KSEB’s revenue deficit.

With the availability of water in the state’s hydel projects declining on account of poor monsoon, KSEB feels it may have to impose power cuts and load shedding to tide over the crisis.”

Now, that’s what’s called a double-whammy

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