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Was doing a bit of research on wind turbine components.

My interest was in both the main components and the sub-components. The primary components of a wind turbine (and the associated wind power plant) are as follows:

Primary Wind Turbine Components

  • Blade
  • Shaft
  • Gearbox
  • Generator
  • Nacelle
  • Tower

Other Wind Turbine Components of Importance

  • Rotor
  • Yaw mechanism
  • Anemometer
  • Brakes

The rest of the components that complete the wind power plant include

  • Power converter
  • Transformer

While reading up on the above, some of the web resources I came across were quite good; thought it could be useful to many other who could be interested in this topic as well

Parts of a Wind Turbine Explained – Source: NREL


Capital Cost Breakup for Wind Turbine Components – Source: Industry Canada

The two pictures above say it all; both in terms of the key components, and which are the most costly components.

For those of you who would like to see a gearbox at close quarters:

Wind Turbine Gearbox – A Close Look

And another picture that illustrates the various parts of a wind turbine gearbox

Inside a Wind Turbine Gearbox (courtesy: EE&T)

Some other links that could be of use:

Wind turbine supply chain

Anatomy of a Wind Turbine – from AWEA

Breaking down the cost of wind turbine components

Structure of a Modern Wind Turbine


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