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It will be no surprise if I tell you that Chennai Metrowater’s phones never stop ringing – mainly from complaints.

One key problem and complaint domain is of course the overflowing of sewage – which remind all of us that, in spite of protestations that we are actually a developing country, we might actually be no better than a Third World country.

In the context of sewage overflow, come monsoon season, Chennai Metrowater’s cup of worries will be overflowing. And they at least appear to be doing something interesting to ensure that the sewage overflows are contained.

The organization will implement a system to monitor the operations of sewage pumping stations. This monitoring through a mobile phone application, will make nearly 500 officials more accountable. The mobile application will help observe sewage levels in pumping wells to determine whether the facilities are being operated around the clock. An employee in each station will take photographs of the scale of the wells, indicating the levels pumped out. The images will be tagged to a map with GPS interface, which will be monitored by the Metrowater officials online.

Interesting stuff indeed.

News courtesy – The Hindu

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