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Since 2006, there had been a significant amount of research for biofuels from algae. In fact, we have a small division within EAI dedicated to this field, the Oilgae division. What we (and the rest of the world) figured out was that algae to fuels is a much tougher road than what we had originally thought. It is a fight worth fighting, but it is gonna take a decade more than what we thought to achieve sustainable results.

This realization has prompted hundreds of companies and researchers in this domain to start looking for alternative products/monetization avenues from algae. In a way I am glad that we had been pushed to the wall to figure out other opportunities because there are indeed so many exciting products hat can be obtained from algae – both micro and macro algae.

For those of you interested in knowing further, refer to a new section we have opened on our Oilgae web site, as well as a new report we have come out for this exciting market/product category.

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