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Solar is unique among all renewable energy sources – it is modular and it is flexible.

That makes it a perfect avenue for a whole host of offgrid products – solar lanterns, solar water pumps, rooftop solar power plants and many more.

Of course, most everyone of us would have used an offgrid solar product before computers and laptops made their appearance – the calculators!

With the cost of solar panels crashing (it dropped almost 75% in the last 5 years!), there has been a significant growth in the use of off-grid solar PV products. This is especially true for India where tens of thousands of villages do not have electricity for a significant portion of time (and about 20,000 of them do not even have a grid connectivity).

The EAI Solar team had been doing extensive research on the use of solar for offgrid products and the fast growing market opportunities in this context. Those of you interested in knowing further might want to check out a report we had published for offgrid solar in India.

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