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With the National Solar Mission and many state solar missions and policies in full swing, solar PV power plants  are popping up all over India.

Some of the states in which significant solar p0wer plant implementations are happening include Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. States were significant action is expected soon include Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Karnataka, and Punjab.

While all these activities are taking place in setting up new solar power plants, simultaneously, a secondary market is developing as well, with owners of many solar PV plants keen on divesting their assets and an equal number of players keen on acquiring these power plants, especially those with high quality PPAs.

To assist those either keen on purchasing or selling solar PV power plants, EAI has set up a dedicated B2B division and team.

EAI’s exceptional market access through its web site (India’s largest renewable energy web site) and newsletter (EAI Daily is India’s largest newsletter), coupled with contacts our team members have with over thousands important renewable energy stakeholders in the country, will ensure that whether you are a buyer or seller of solar PV power plants, you will get the best possible deal through EAI.

To know more about our B2B services, access the EAI B2B division page.

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